Biography – Silvia T. Gallo

sylvia gallo biography

Silvia T. Gallo-Vázquez

Specializes In
 Psychological Evaluations for Immigration
Providing Therapy.

Silvia has been providing services in Arizona since 1989. She specializes in doing Psychological Evaluations for the Department of Immigration and in providing therapy to victims of crime (armed robbery, aggravated assault, home soothing, sexual abuse, domestic violence, etc) and to individuals with a history of trauma, depression or anxiety.

During her career Silvia has appeared in several News clips as a consultant for UNIVISION and TELEMUNDO. She is also a regular guest at Maria Rabago’s Radio Show 1190 AM and has participated in several Radio and TV programs of several recognized Immigration Lawyers in the Valley.

Silvia has been performing Evaluations for the Department of Immigration since 2004.

Silvia has traveled extensively in the Asian and Eastern Countries and has also was trained by Medicine Man, Michael Tashquin, at the Pima Indian Reservation for about 10 years.

Therapeutic Approach

“In my practice, I combine the use of EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, as well as, several alternative therapies such as Aromatherapy, Yoga Exercises, and a Wide Range of Breathing, Relaxation and Meditation Techniques to help my clients to process any kind of trauma and reach their full potential.”

Education, Honors and Certifications

University of Guadalajara

M.A. Psychology Graduated 1986 Honors: Summa Cum-Laude Certified Psychologist, License Number 1287160

Arizona State University

MEd. In Psychology Graduated 1999

Ottawa University

Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Clinical Counseling Graduated 2004 M.A. Clinical Professional Counseling Graduated 2005


  • Board Certified LPC, License # 11801


The following are videos in SPANISH were Silvia participated as a guess to talk about the U VISA and Family Issues in several Radio and TV programs.

U Visa. Silvia’s Office Interview with Mary Rabago

U Visa Radio Interview with Mary Rabago at 1190 AM 

Interview with Mary Rabago: How to help children when their parents divorced or separated.